expandRss update
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I've been doing some more work on expandRss, as I find new feeds that need tweaking I'm either delighted to find expandRss handles them easily, or I need to revamp it to make it better.

The pretty o.k. fark.com feed over at pluck stopped working and now redirects to the fark feed which sucks. Every article in the fark feed points to the inane comments board when you really want to go off to the actual link location. The exception to this is with photoshop or captions contests where you really want to go to the voting results not the raw comments section. expandRss now has a custom feedexpander to do all this. Non Photoshop/Captions items now point to the destination and add a link to the comments to the description (incase you think someone may have something interesting to add. Photoshop/Captions entries send you right to the voting results.

You can now also find start and end tags using regular expressions which is useful for some feeds (penny arcade). You can also reference some of the local variables in your matching strings too (like anchor).

I also added the sourcing of ~/.expandRssrc.py since I have some feeds I modify that I don't want to share with you (sorry folks) so I put them in here, this means I don't need to edit expandRss from my bin directory to my website when I publish a new version.

Download the new version of expandRss.

Edit: I should note that I find the fark feed to be too noisy to actually subscribe, I just keep a mozilla keyword set up for farkrss and when I feel like wasting time I read it in google reader like this
as you can see I'm keeping the location of my feeds out of this blog.

The new expandRss also has a simple example of producing full article content for diaryland journals.


I notize JWZ did something similar a few years earlier (show off)