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The Sea Otter Classic is a big bike event in California. I wanted to preride the mountain bike course. In partnership with Motion Based they have cool maps and a Google Earth downloadable KMZ file so you can see the route in Google Earth. Here's the steps I took to get that data into my GPS so I could follow the route easily.
  • Download the KMZ
  • Load it into Google Earth
  • Save as KML
  • Use this KML to GPX converter to get some GPX (do it online or download the java app). I did mine online.
  • Now use gpsbabel to convert this into something smaller.
    gpsbabel -r -i gpx -f MTB\ XC.gpx -x simplify,count=50 -o kml -F sml.kml
  • Load that into Google Earth, does it look o.k.? Tweak values until it does, then export to your GPS device (mine's a Garmin Fore Trex 201)
    gpsbabel -r -i gpx -f MTB\ XC.gpx -x simplify,count=50 -o garmin -F /dev/cu.KeySerial1
  • Now it should show up as a route on your GPS device.
I'm still bringing a printed MAP just in case!


If you want to convert KML files to GPX files or the other way around, an easy way is with this free online converter