godaddy rocks, joker sux
Posted by ark, ,
I used to have all my domains registered with I was very happy with them for the longest time. They were easy to deal with and they even hosted my DNS records for me and they even support SPF records in the TXT parts of the DNS records (to help reduce the spammers using your domain name to send spam). However recently a few problems caused me to switch.
  1. Massing DOS attack. While not their problem they handled it really badly, I didn't see anything on their site about it and support calls went unanswered
  2. Cost, they charge $12/year for a domain everyone else is about $6
  3. changing email address really annoying, they seem to create far too many ID's and changing email addresses is a very time consuming process, I need to go change it for every type of contact for every single domain, all step by step and navigating their site to repeat steps is a nightmare. I emailed support about asking them to just update every single contact with one address to be another address, they never replied
  4. Damn "Verified by Visa" if you're going to verify a visa card, why not have the site be not some weird looking I never got it to work on their site anyway and other online retailers don't have so much problems with my cards, so I'll just use them. I'd definitely rate Verified by Visa as a massive turnoff to doing business with a company.
  5. No proxy/privacy protection.
So I moved all my domains to godaddy, their website is god awful looking and very blinky and hard to find what you want (at first) but now I'm a customer it's so much easier. I can update a gazillion domains in one simple step, set the DNS servers for example. I also made use of their proxy registrations which made me feel a little less paranoid (one day I'm going to post a big long list of the struggles I face thinking about privacy and putting anything online at all). And let's not forget that their advertisements, whilst incredibly sexist, also rock.

For my DNS hosting I'm using who I like very much, hopefully soon they'll support SPF TXT records.