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duweb is a web interface to the output of the du command. It's a nice way to work out which directories are using the most disk space and allows you to mine down and find more about the subdirectories. It saves you running du -s * | sort -n and then cd and then repeating which is what I used to do.

It uses WebFxLoadTree but I needed some of the functionality of the beta version 2. It's a really nice way to display trees and not have to have all the tree data when you do it.

You can run it as a cgi program where it'll load the du data out of a file in /tmp but you can also just run it as a standalone program and it fires up it's own built in webserver (thank you python libraries!)

Hope you find it useful. It requires python 2.4 since it uses the new subprocess library. Here's a link to where I found python 2.4 for osx.

Download the source for duweb