picasaweb album size and density
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I was getting pretty close to my 1 gig limit in my picasaweb album and I'm too stingy to buy more storage from Google. So I needed to work out which albums to trim down or remove. When I started using picasaweb I would upload the highest quality pictures and later on I went for fastest upload (lower quality/filesize) so I knew I couldn't count on the number of pictures in the album alone. Picasaweb does show you the size of the album, but only on each album's page so that would take a long time to work out. So I fired up the picasaweb gdata api and got some data, it was super easy to do. I used my bookmarks.py script to do the authentication (which I still don't really understand) and then got the XML for all my albums. Then I collected data and sorted them and displayed them in worst offender order.

The only really niggly point was that the XML used namespaces and I was using ElementTree to parse the XML and findall required some weird arguments to find the elements. A Bit of trial and error and skimming the ElementTree docs I found the solution to that problem. Then I polished up my turd and here it is:


You can run it with just an picasaweb username (with --user) and it will show you all the public albums. provide a google account address (with --email) and it will prompt you for a password and log in and show you all albums.

It will then print out your albums in worst to least offenders
Each line lists the following data:
  • album name
  • pics: the number of pictures
  • size: the size of the album (possibly in KB?)
  • density: how many pictures per MB
  • size#: position of this album in the albums if they were ordered by size
  • density#: position of this album in the albums if they were ordered by density
  • target: sum of size and density (results are ordered on this column)
When I was first writing this I thought I could turn this into a nice web service for y'all. I could make my script really simple and have it return the data via JSON and then process it in a nice HTML table that you could sort the columns on. I could even make links to the albums (including auth keys). But then why not just send the XML back and just make my script a proxy for fetching picasaweb api XML. And then I'd have to parse the XML in JavaScript and I kinda already had everything wanted (in lovely Python) so I kinda gave up on that idea as not interesting enough.


I just ran into that problem myself! Thanks for the script!

Python 2.6.2 doesn't like You used "as" as the identifier at the end of the script.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! It saved me quite a bit of effort!