Download Picasa Web Album
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I recently needed to download some friend's Picasa Web Albums and did a quick search and didn't find anything readable or that worked. I had planned to use the fancy pants gData API but then saw that the solutions I found just used the RSS feed that each album has, this was much simpler to use.

download: downloadpicasawebalbum

Sadly you'll need ElementTree which is kinda easy to install, but still a pain, it's easy XML parsing though so it's what I use (even if it does screw everything up when you output stuff with namespaces in it).

Here's my use case. We all go to some event, friends start posting their album links, I download all the pictures, add it to iPhoto and then rate and upload my own album of pictures I like that I can then reference from my blogs etc. This way I don't have to worry about people removing pictures and me losing them (from my posts and just losing them in general).

This was the quickest piece of code I've knocked together and put on this site, took less than 2 hours.