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I've been playing around with Jaiku, Google's purchased Twitter clone/competitor. I also played with Twitter at the same time (actually revived an account I made ages ago). Twitter sucks, it's way way too slow to even approach usability so I gave up on it. Jaiku is zippy fast which is likely a function of the number of users of each service, but perhaps one scales better than the other.

I've had a need for something that's not quite blogging, but blogging, I try to keep my posts down, so that when they do show up they might be somewhat interesting, But I also have random blabbering, thoughts observations I'd like to note and perhaps aggregate into a post at some point. micro-blogging seemed ideal for this. But I also didn't want a high barrier to entry so Jaiku's IM robot seemed like a good idea. You just IM them a message and it shows up in your jaiku account. Perfect for easy Jaiku-ing. However the robot has an annoying habit of sending you messages about what everyone else is doing. I guess that's the point, but I find it annoying. Especially in gmail where it flashes the title when you have an unread IM, from Jaiku.

Grouping together posting and reading in the same IM robot is like making my blogger post page also be my google reader. They should be two separate activities that I can merge if I like.

Looks like I'm going to have to learn a Jaiku API and how to write my own jabber robot (in python!). Perhaps I'll host in on Google App Engine (I wonder if you can for things like this?).

As an aside, getting the IM set up was a nightmare since my Google Apps domain wasn't exporting SRV DNS records for jabber. The DNS hosting (chosen by Google) was down for editing so I had to deal with their support department (ugh!). Here is the magic command to make sure you have it set up right (replace example.com with your domain name):
dig srv _xmpp-server._tcp.example.com