Shutup Jaiku
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In my last post I bitched about the Jaiku IM gateway and how it was too chatty and all I wanted to do was post to Jaiku but not hear all the feed noise in my chat windows. Well a quick poke around and I found it was close to trivial to write a jabber robot. I used PyGtalkRobot which uses xmmppy (needed to install this from source) and pydns (the one from apt-get was fine for me).

Within an hour I had something working but it needed the Jaiku API key, not your Jaiku password. Some more hacking and I had a code snippet that given a Jaiku username and password would find the Jaiku API key. Since I'd found some useful snippets on I uploaded my own useful snippet.

Meanwhile a helpful person suggested the or imified bots but I couldn't work out what they did or didn't have a beta invite so I just kept plugging away at my thing. A little bit more time of cleanup and adding options and some minimal documentation and it was all good to go.

Normally I usually just release this stuff and let you run it. But this time I've decided to run it as a service and see how it goes. However beware! you'll be giving me your Jaiku user name and password. You really shouldn't do that, but you can trust me.

So just add as a talk contact and send it the same sign in you would to
sign in username password
and then start sending messages and they'll show up on your Jaiku page. That address is ONLY used for chat, do not send it mail no one will read it.
Obviously there's lots of ways this little server could go, right now it does what I need.

I was delighted how easy PyGtalkRobot and the Jaiku API made everything. I was little irked there wasn't a nice way to get a Jaiku API key from a user name and password and also a few things irked me about PyGtalkRobot. Spitting out lots of output without using the logging api. Sending lines longer than 80 chars. And the crazy way you specify handlers, using the doc string to contain the regex that triggers the handler is just bizarre! Why not just register handlers like Python Httpd servers do?

If you'd like to download the source and run your own copy go for it! Hope you find it useful.