Moving to google code
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I'm slowly moving all my code over to being hosted Google Code. This will allow me to learn how to use subversion and also allow me to have RSS Feeds for my checkins. I can also have a wiki page per project and then let this blog be a blog about updates to each of the projects (or more likely new projects, I mean, really, who wants to maintain their old code).

I've already checked in some stuff, some of it hasn't ever been released before! Go check it out at:

If you want to follow the feed of stuff I check in the feed url is:

If you use google reader, you can get a preview of what the source code changes feed looks like in google reader.

So far I'm liking it a lot. You can't beat the price!

Perhaps one day I'll even have people submit fixes (yay!), or file bugs (boo!) using the google code interface.


Mark Davidson
Thanks for reminding me about Google Code. It looks like a great project resource with the tried and true Google interface. Functional, not sexy. I like that it has tabs with wiki, issues, source and search figured prominently below the navigation bar. Very nice.

I've been using a SVN with WebSVN and RSS feeds for this job and I really like it. SVN is a much better CVS but I miss features of the old Teamware/SCCS. Mercurial seems to be the heir to TW/SCCS so I would be interested in checking it out. Many Sun sponsored OS projects are moving to Mercurial. But you can't go wrong with Subversion. It's a lot like CVS except that it doesn't suck ass.