zoneminder, bt878 based video capture card and ubuntu hardy
Posted by ark, ,
I use zoneminder for my security cameras and with the new server (and new OS) I had to set up zoneminder again. I have a bt878 based card which worked great in the old setup.

Here's some tips to get things going:
xawtv -hwscan
Should be able to find your hardware, if not you're not going anywhere.
xawtv -device /dev/video0
or whatever hwscan told you, should show images, if not you need to look into that.

Once you have that all working the secret sauce is to add the user that runs your apache cgi scripts to the video group, so they can access /dev/video0
usermod  -a -G video www-data
now zoneminder should show your cameras.

My cameras are 320x240 NTSC

Other useful stuff:
lsmod | fgrep bt

bt878 11992 0
bttv 176180 2 bt878
ir_common 36100 1 bttv
compat_ioctl32 2304 1 bttv
i2c_algo_bit 7300 1 bttv
videobuf_dma_sg 15108 1 bttv
videobuf_core 18820 2 bttv,videobuf_dma_sg
btcx_risc 5896 1 bttv
tveeprom 16528 1 bttv
i2c_core 24832 4 bttv,i2c_algo_bit,i2c_piix4,tveeprom
videodev 29312 2 bttv
v4l2_common 18304 2 bttv,videodev
v4l1_compat 15492 2 bttv,videodev
My card was $20 from, It has 4 inputs and I'm really happy with it.