Filling up a 1.5 TB hard drive
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My 1.5TB drive arrived and I threw it into the server. Then I had to fill it up. I have two external 750 gig drives filled with the raw video_ts files from all my DVD's that I ripped myself. It took under about 18 hours to copy all the data over, with a gap in the middle while I was sleeping and then switched over the drives. I'm pretty happy with rsync but wished I'd used the -h flag to report the sizes in a human readable form. Since I'm running some system status software I have a nice graph of the hard drive filling up:

Things are going pretty well with the xbmc setup. I got my Mediagate GP-IR02BK remote and that appeared to work first time with lirc and when I restarted xbmc it was controlled by the remote! One problem was that the DVD Menu button didn't appear to show the DVD Menu which is kind of critical.

I've worked around it for now by adding this to ~/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml
and also adding this ~/.xbmc/userdata/Keymap.xml
Notice how that's Keymap.xml not keymap.xml the xbmc documentation is obviously written by windows developers who don't care about the Case of FiLeNaMEs. I'm also irked by the camel casing in entity names in their xml too and their non-consistent use of different cases for file names (like Keymap.xml and advancedsettings.xml)

I also found that the log output to xbmc is in /var/tmp/$LOGNAME-xbmc.log

Since I was changing config files a lot I ran xbmc like this:
while true; do echo "Starting XBMC"; xbmc; sleep 1; done
This allowed me to hit control-C in the window it's launched from and it would restart.
I couldn't find a way to get it to restart and to also tail -f the log file (since it starts a new log file every time it starts). I guess I could pkill tail but that seemed a bit drastic.

Other things I learned and wouldn't mind remembering: mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1
and to remove a file that starts with a - sign: rm -r ./-Funky\ Filename