My last greasemonkey script: blog picasa images
Posted by ark, ,
I got so fed up with picasaweb breaking web conventions and stealing an onMouseDown rather than an onClick. This prevented me from dragging images from a picasa album into my blogger posting window and made it a pain to add images to my blogs. I'd have to right click, copy image location, new tab, select all, copy, close tab, tab over to my bloger window and then paste (and hope I was in compose mode rather than edit html mode).

I wrote this greasemonkey script to add a blog button at the top, clicking it made a new window with all your images in it and a link back to the original album.


Right after I did this blogger in draft added better image linking support and it works great. So this script is kind of useless to me know. but thought I'd post incase it helps someone out.