Find which of your friends like something on Facebook
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Facebook has a url that will allow you to see which of your friends have liked a particular page. This was floating around a while ago so you could see who liked Nickleback (and obviously unfriend them, I'm still looking at your Louis!).

Today I worked out how to do that for any page, especially pages that have their own vanity url.

Take a page on Facebook you want to know who else likes it and then right click and view source.

You're looking for stuff in the HTML that looks like this:



So search around for page_id or set=a. then take the digits at the end and add them to this url

Try that in your browser and see if it works or not.

Here's some to play around with:

Mitt Romney: Page - Friend Likes
Lil Wayne: Page - Friend Likes
Barack Obama: PageFriend Likes

Downton Abbey: Page - Friend Likes

Nickelback: Page - Friend Likes