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Last Updated: “Sun Jan 4 02:41:29 PST 2015”

I think I might be going back to try Android again. I’m publishing this now. I’ll try and keep it updated.

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Companion Software

  • Dialogue - turns my mac into a bluetooth headset (also allows moto-x to unlock)
  • Android File Transfer - I have no idea why it can’t just look like a drive.
  • adb

Things that drive me nuts:

  • I can’t turn off an alarm using the headphone button, or any bluetooth buttons either.
  • App Permissions - allow me to grant deny app permissions on a per app basis rather than an install/no-install choice. Facebook wants too many permissions I don’t want to grant it.
  • Wifi Sucks - won’t work with an airport extreme and express with the same SSID - made two networks and it won’t switch between them.

Games (I’ve decided NO GAMES on my new phone so this is out of date)

Things I haven’t yet tried:

I really want to get App Ops back but I need to Root My Moto-X first and that’s not going so well.

Things I didn’t like:

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