copy paste in X11 Xquartz on a mac
Posted by ark, ,

copy/paste stopped working on my mac (Xquartz) between xterms and Chrome.

I'm still sudo updating port (grr mavericks) but I think I found the real culprit/solution

adding this to my .XDefaults

XTerm*selectToClipboard: true

and relaunching my xterms seemed to fix it.

yeah, I'm not totally sure this is the fix. it might just be that restarting my xterm was enough to get it working again. yay for gnu screen :)

the saga continues... I noticed that selecting text in emacs wasn't working either. I launch my emacs with emacsclient -n -c connecting to a Emacs I started with emacs --daemon

 '(mouse-drag-copy-region t)

I also found this helpful when looking at this....

echo -n 'primary: '; xclip -select primary -o; echo ''; echo -n 'clip   : '; xclip -select clipboard -o; echo ''