Block Website Chrome Extension
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I have a problem with a certain online solitaire game. I’m not going to link to it because I wouldn’t wish this addiction on anyone. It’s haunted me for years. I hadn’t played a game in a long time, but recently fell off the wagon. Anyway it’s got out of hand again. I’m going to use as my example another site you probably don’t want to visit.

I usually stop myself by editing /etc/hosts to add a line and that does the trick. One time I tried to get my fix and it took me ages to realize I’d done that to my hosts file.

But I recently got a new chromebook and you can’t edit the hosts file on those so I knocked up a quick chrome extension to stop a website working. All available solutions needed access to all your websites and I understand why, but it’s more permissions than I wanted to give away.

Here’s the code from the gist

Here’s what it looks like when it kicks in: blocked_website

I had a terrible time trying to get that text large and centered. Mostly it was the vertical centering and trying to have as few elements as possible. I gave up, but Will saved the day and provided the magic CSS. I may have played a few games while I was verifying it worked. Hopefully my last for a while.

I continued on my quest to have files auto formatted when I save them and along with Emacs’ json-mode this little snippet of code formats the buffer when I save it.

(defun ark-json-mode-hook-function ()
  ;; (flycheck-add-mode 'json-jsonlint 'json-mode)
  (add-hook 'before-save-hook 'json-pretty-print-buffer 't 't))

(add-hook 'json-mode-hook 'ark-json-mode-hook-function)