Portable Fizzy Water
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I’ve posted before about my fizzy water setup at home. On average I’ve been making almost 4 liters of fizzy a day now I’m mostly at home and it’s been great. But while I’m away I really miss my fizzy. Especially on biking trips which tend to be to dry hot areas like Utah and Arizona.

Glass Soda Siphon

One solution is the sweet Glass Soda Siphon I was using before I got the big co2 tank. It uses 8g soda chargers which are sorta cheap and will do about 1.5L per charger, but the water isn’t very fizzy, fades really quickly and the glass is heavy, fragile and easy to get very dirty when camping.

If I could 3D print an adapter to put that soda siphon head onto a 2L soda bottle, that might work.

One day I saw this Keg co2 charger, and this portable keg charger and that piqued my interest but it used larger co2 units. Which reminded me I already had a CO2 inflater for my bike tires. Then I found this Adding a Schrader Valve to a Homebrew Keg which would connect nicely to my CarbaCap and thus I put together this:

porto fizz

It worked great!

The CO2 units are pretty expensive, but I have quite a few left over from various trips and finding them on the trails. The digital pressure guage allows me to keep the pressure consistent which I feel is important. The digital one was only a few dollars more expensive than an analog one.

It was a fun little project. If I was doing it again, I’d probably go for this MRbrew Keg Charger which seems to tick all the boxes in a more compact, lighter unit for cheaper.