Puple Pusher FPV
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My first attempt at flying fpv wasn’t a huge success. The camera would cut out when I turned the motor on (since it was so close). My goal with the purple pusher was to try it again. I’d verified the plane was a stable platform and quite easy to fly.

original nose

The original nose just slid off (and allowed you to easily change the battery.

fpv nose

I made an FPV nose with a camera, 200mW transmitter and a wire to connect to the battery balance connector.

fpv unit

For my first attempt I just held it together with an elastic band.

looking into fpv unit

The wire was long enough to go through a small hole in the tip of the fuselage. If this design worked maybe I’d play with using a magnetic connector.

inside the nose

Here’s how everything crammed together inside.

I wish I’d hit record on my first (and only) FPV flight. It started off o.k. The plane still felt very fast and I guess I flew a little further away since I just over the fence by the road I started losing control. I still had a crystal clear video picture so I was able to watch as my plane flipped around and finally plowed into the ground. At least I didn’t fall down while wearing my googles. Luckily I missed the road and the path and landed in the long grass. By the time I got down there the motor was still trying to spin, the fuselage was slightly bent (not surprising considering how long it is), but overall it wasn’t totalled so that was good news. So there we go again, another failed attempt. I’m not totally dissuaded but maybe I need an even slower plane to plod around for my next few attempts.