Webcam Light Ring
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I quickly put together a webcam light ring. It’s a 16 x ws2812 ring connected to a LED adapter and ESP01 powered by a cut off USB cable. It’s in a little black box with slightly filed clothespins to hold it to the screen.

installed light ring

In the end I wasn’t super happy with the results. The led lights reflected too much off my glasses. I’ve since got some good diffuser plastic (some LED garage lights died) so I might try again, but I was thinking maybe the diffuse lgiht should come in from the side.

I was going to put a webserver on it to allow you to choose the colors but I was still paralyzed with the whole LUA or MicroPython thing and since I wasn’t happy with the glasses reflection I just abandonned it.

If I pick it up again I’ll use this light color/temperature and makeup reference and a handy dandy rgb to color temp. I realized it depends on the LEDs but it’d be a good starting point. I guess I could actually measure it but this’d have to be way more successful for me to put that much effort into it.